A lifelong program to help unlock the secret to have it all from your relationship with self and others.

Enjoy this self paced content with this step by step process. 

  This is for the woman who is done suppressing... 
her emotions
her voice
her needs
her sensuality

This is for the woman who is ready for...
to be truly free
to feel acceptance

and self love

the woman who is ready to let go of...
the shoulds
the not enough
the making herself small
the nice girl

the people pleaser

.. the woman who is ready to taste the magic that lives inside of herself
... who is ready for the deepest experience by life
The woman who wants to no longer hide
who wants to take up space

and together with the other women, 
be unapologetically deeply HER!

If you’re nodding your head to this, then I invite you to join Whole Magnetic Her where I guide you to create a new blueprint to unravel YOU and RISE.

10 powerful modules
to help you


yourself to

deep and delicious 

self-worth and personal power.



I believe that our relationship with self is the foundation for success in EVERY area of our life and, when we dive deep, this work then touches every other area.

Over the years I've seen my clients go from feeling stuck, not having their needs met and feeling disconnected from themselves and others, to saying hello to creating the love and acceptance they yearn to feel.

They discovered how to remove the blocks to access what they deeply desire in life, love and relationships and connect to what lies already within themselves. 

By becoming conscious, we learn to let go of the past, feel whole in ourselves and live more from our hearts.

I can speak to this myself! I had wounds from the past and I was repeating patterns that were deeply programmed, (that I didn’t even realise were deeply programmed) that I needed to rewire.

Once I realised how I was the one blocking myself to have my deepest needs met, I went on a journey of healing and self-discovery, and everything started to change!

I discovered the secrets how to open up to deeper love in myself and with others.


Is This You?
I get excited helping women both single and in relationships to understand who they really are and how they can show up in the world authentically & open to give and receive deep love

· You're tired of feeling stuck and you’re yearning for more in life and love
·   You’re ready to discover and rewire your patterns, let go of hurts  and learn to live with an open heart 
· Experience shame in expressing your full being - you are feeling you are too much or not enough
·  You want to experience what it would feel like to love yourself, forgive yourself, and once and for all, accept yourself.

·   Get a better understanding of triggers to experience relationship harmony & attract the right relationship
·   You're beginning to realize your fire has been dimmed (not to mention your libido) and you're ready to stoke your inner flame
·   You want to learn how to stay in your own power in relationships and hold a powerful container of love for yourself
·   You have already experienced some great change and transformation, but you’re ready to go to the next level and look at parts that you have not connected to yet, so you can embody all that you are, not leaving out your sensual nature.
·   You've tried to make changes on your own in the past and know that you would do better with accountability and support.

"Nathalie took us on an amazing journey that allowed me to dive deeper, connect with the body and the heart and essentially become whole magnetic me. I had many revelations during the 4 months and it was truly transformational. I appreciated the group setting as well because it made the whole journey together even more fun.“
Michelle, Switzerland

Now close your eyes & envision a future where you are:​

More deeply connected to your feminine, your sensuality & your body

Confident to speak out & claim your wants & needs 

Embodied in your wholeness & experiencing deeper love with self and others

Liberated from shame, conditioning, & limiting beliefs & Integrated with your desires & feeling alive  

Relate from a place of wholeness, emotional sovereignty, and healthy communication

Empowered with strong boundaries & still be in your flow

Connected to your magnetism, your wholeness and to YOU.

"Life is too short to live it playing small or settling for less. WMH is a path of self-honouring and self-love that will place you firmly on your throne!"

Let’s forget the fluffy mainstream “self-love" and receive a taste of the real stuff. The stuff that lasts. Practices that will drop you into your being, to simple but radical openness & deep appreciation of self + unconditional love. 
You were not born hiding your truth, your emotions or your desires. You were born feeling deeply, loving wildly and expressing yourself fearlessly and unapologetically.

Whole Magnetic Her brings you back in touch with your true essence. The part of you that knows you are love.

So that you can experience life and love fearlessly from a place of self-worth.

This is your time to commit to YOU with intention and devotion


Whole Magnetic Her is a unique methodology combining:

Trauma informed processes
Proven Coaching Strategies
….and a whole heap of love and heart!

It’s a powerful system for unlocking your Wholeness, Magnetism & Yourself.

You’ll be experiencing both theory and experiential learning, where I will guide you through different practices such as:

- Breath Awareness 

- Intuitive Movement & Sensual

- Embodiment Practices

- Partner Sharing Practices & Group Practices

- Visualisation

- Self Enquiry

We Will Unravel

Self:Relationship - Create A Healthy Relationship & Open Up To Deeper Love:

We will deep dive into your mindset, emotional healing, uncover blocks, patterns and stories to help you connect with your fullest expression as a woman. How she moves, feels, talks, and expresses herself in the outer world. Connecting to parts you may have shut down, numbed, or ignored.

Discover Your Personal Blueprint & Let Go Of Protective Roles:

One of the most important parts of creating the space for what you want in your life, is to move into your heart space and operate from that place. Throughout this program you will learn just that! You will feel more relaxed, at ease, magnetic, confident, and secure in who you are, and you'll see infinite possibilities present themselves.

Healing Your Relationships & Feel Empowered:

We’ll look at your relationship patterns and rewire blocks and old hurts to help you understand yourself and the lessons you’ve learned. This will help you to be in a powerful, open and connected relationship and not carry the past forward with you.

Set New Boundaries: 

This is something many of us women are missing, and it will change your life. We’ll get clear on what you want and need and how to have those needs met so you can live in alignment with your values and be met there.

Connect With Your True Feminine Essence & Integrate The Healthy Masculine:

 We will look at what your true essence, both the feminine and the masculine looks like within. This will help you feel deeply connected with your true and unique self.  We’ll also cover how to master your current or future relationships integrating the masculine and feminine dynamics, so you can experience the relationship you crave. Helping you to understand the foundations of relationship.

Feminine Embodiment & Sensual Awakenings:

 Moving out of your head and into the temple of your body and your pleasure. Your core feminine essence is sensual. Experience a life feeling free, empowered in your own skin and body, sensually awake, creative, and confident in your body and sensuality.

Intergenerational Healing:

We’ll look at what you’re carrying forward from your roots that’s not yours to carry. We’ll break patterns so you can let go of old beliefs from your mind, body and emotions.


Healing Your Relationship With The Masculine & Calling In Your King With Ease:

Wether you are in a relationship or single, receive the codes to move deeper into your trusting feminine as you call in your king with ease. Learn how to shift unhealthy relationship dynamics to experience deeper connections, passion and trust.

Connect to your Feminine Essence:

Connect to your feminine essence through the power of womb healing. This allows you to open to your most creative potential & deeper love. Letting go of old hurts and blocks to help you magnetise your deepest desires.

Yoni DeArmour

It’s time to fall in love with yourself, your se*uality and your body by getting in touch with the power of your yoni (your vulva). We will dive into different aspects of the female se*uality through self-de-armouring, self-pleasuring and your sense of self as a woman. 
This is a journey about you taking power into your own hands and becoming an authority over your body.

You’ll be experiencing both theory and experiential learning, where I will guide you through different practices such as:


Breath Awareness 

Intuitive Movement & Sensual Embodiment Practices


Self Enquiry

"I feel quite empowered after WMH! Nat helped create a comfortable space that made me feel less awkward and in tune to go after what I desire. It was also cool to be a part of a group of supportive women from all over the world. Thanks Nat :)"
Pauliina, Switzerland

 Who Am I?

I’m Nathalie Sommer, I’m a certified Relationship and Intimacy Coach & Women’s Transformation Coach. I help create containers and guide you through a process of rebirthing yourself. 

I specialise in the area of relationships- with man, woman and most importantly with SELF.

For the last 16 years of my entrepreneurial journey, I’ve been working as a life coach, intuitive guide and healer, and I now combine these modalities to create powerful transformations by combining them with my feminine sensual embodiment & women’s and couples transformational work.

Unfortunately, society has built unrealistic idealisation on modern relationships! And we’re shaped by our upbringing, past and current experiences that challenge healthy relating with self and others. Therefore, there are a great many people, who are not experiencing in life and relationships what they seek. I’ve made it my mission to enable individuals and couples to experience greater intimacy, deeper connections, and to feel sensually and emotionally empowered inside and outside the bedroom.

"I have participated in Nathalie's group coaching program WMH and I can't recommend it enough! I have been doing self-development for many years but this program took it to the next level. I uncovered many layers I wasn't even aware of, Nats gentle guidance and leadership supported the whole group into a new level of awareness and openness. I am so glad I said yes to myself and took part in this program! The process is deep, yet nourishing and you can go at your own pace honouring the space you are in. Thank you Nat for this amazing journey to uncover the whole magnetic me! ❤️❤️"
Laura, Spain
What's included:


- 10 x 60 minute recorded group coaching sessions.
Each Module consists of a 60 min online  session with me where I combine theory and experiential learning. 



Each module will include resources or practices, which you can in your own time to deepen the journey of your connection to yourself to open to deeper love.


- Transformational tools & practices you’ll be able to use for years to come

- Lifelong access to recordings, notes and documents




The experience starts as soon as you’re ready to step into your power and activate your feminine leadership.

Meaning we are offering rolling enrolments and you are welcome to join this transformational program at any time. It's being run as an Evergreen, meaning it's a self paced pre-recorded course from group coaching sessions.

I'm So In... 
Your Investment Into Self:

Regular: USD 777

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„Before WMH I  felt I had lost myself or perhaps not even met the whole complete me. It was an amazing deeply transformative journey into all the different parts of me and I rediscovered lost parts of me, explored my shadow side and reignited the healthy feminine. I still have work to do of course but it such a gift to spend time with and on myself.  Having just come out of a long relationship this was perfect timing for me to regroup, recharge and take stock  so I can now move forwards with more knowledge of my what’s and needs in new relationships. Nathalie is such an amazing coach and I felt so safe and comfortable with her and the group and able to share openly and deeply in the safe space she provides.  I really think all women should gift themselves this course as it will benefit not only them but all those closest to them. I am committing to listening to all the sessions again with new insights and new eyes. Thank you Nathalie for the gift you are to women all over the world."
Alison, UK

I love your work no doubt. For me it is already my second coaching experience through you and every minute or every penny worth it. When we started the program I feelt already kind of grounded within myself. So I had this thoughts do I really need another program?! Looking back the answer is yeees. Actually my intuition told me to go for it and my intention was to get even more connected with my sensuality. I was longing for a life full in my feminine power. With your calm way you guided us through all the miracle exercises. You connected us with ourselves, with our bodies, you let us feel into our wounds and let us separate from all baggage. I love the way you share all your knowledge and make me grow. You have the gift of leading women back to their roots and to discover their femining being. I needed all that to be able to say today that I love the woman I am, my appearance, my look and my being. I can look into the mirror and I can love myself. For the first time I love myself. Thank you Nathalie and to all the beautiful wonder women out there - go for it.
Nina, Switzerland

"I joined Whole Magnetic Her with a desire to trust my intuition, connect with my feminine energy, and heal from experiences that had left me feeling numb and armoured. What Natalie provided was a nourishing space to be authentic and vulnerable. I feel so much more love and trust for myself after this program! Seeing other women share in the same struggles and transformations made it that much more powerful.  One of the most noticeable changes that has happened outside of myself is that my spouse is showing up for me like never before! Once I learned that I didn’t have to do it all I could surrender to being taken care of, and it feels so good!"
Megan, Canada


"Buried beyond years of life, motherhood and roles I chose to play I was looking for a return to self, an awakening of my womanhood. I also felt like I was living a story I didn’t buy into anymore. Over the 4 months I re-discovered my feminine side, reawakened my sexuality, really improving my relationship with my partner, removed quite a few blocks, and have acknowledged and learnt some of my character traits. I loved the embodiment practices and all the group call and also the ability to share this journey with other women! Nathalie was witty, caring, helpful, experienced and simply amazing in this journey. A perfect course for anyone feeling like they lost a part of themselves, anyone feeling stuck in life and personal relationships."
Tania, Hong Kong

"Before starting Whole Magnetic Her I was feeling good in my life and relationship but I knew there was more for me to explore around my healthy masculine and healthy feminine. However I had no idea what I would uncover over the 4 month program! The biggest shift I experienced as a result of WMH was embodying my true power and brilliance. Nat allowed me to see when I was acting from 'the good girl' and the 'people pleaser' and heal my family lineage so I can unapologetically claim who I am and unleash my feminine power! I feel a greater sense of confidence, certainty and trust in my ability to bring my vision to life as I no longer feel stuck in old limited behaviour patterns and beliefs. I absolutely loved the entire experience. Every session was powerful and Nathalie does an incredible job holding space for all whilst diving into topics that could be viewed as uncomfortable or challenging. I always felt safe to share and open up in each and every group session and the collective wisdom of the group was such a gift. If you feel you need to uplevel your relationship with yourself and others, I highly recommend partnering with Nat and experiencing Whole Magnetic Her."
Ainslie, Singapore

"Before starting the course with Nathalie, my emotions were out of control and my stress levels were ridiculously high. This was impacting the quality of my life immensely. Taking Nathalie's course  has started me on a path of healthy regulation. She has helped me to build my mental strength to deal with issues and insecurities. Her approach is gentle and calming and she has a way of explaining and discussing that soothes; an approach that garnered trust and confidence. Joining her course has had such a huge impact on my confidence and happiness; I have the tools now to regulate myself and to pick myself up on my bad days and keep going with strength of mind and character. I was losing myself but Nathalie helped guide me back. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who needs help finding their strength again and fostering peace within. "
Jennie, Hong Kong

"For many years I felt like I was living my life lead by expectations, by how I was supposed to behave, to communicate and to simply be. I knew somewhere deep down I was loosing the connection to my true self, to the real me, more and more but I couldn’t point out how or why. It’s as if my true self was somewhere lost in the back and I was covering up for her as good as I could. This feeling was expressed in not feeling comfortable in multiple social situations and not feel true to myself. I feel like I was not spontaneous anymore and was too much in my head. As I am someone who likes to truly enjoy life, this started to bother me a lot. During the first session, very quickly I learned I was living my life by roles and had lost my connection with my inner female energy completely. I kept this energy inside, by overthinking situations and by acting as I thought was expected of me. Realizing this and understanding where this came from, was a big first step for me. Through several sessions of learning and practicing, I very quickly was able to see noticeable changes in myself and my communication and energy with others by understanding and applying Nathalie’s concepts. It felt like a natural process and I could notice the effect on other people’s behavior towards me. I can recommend every woman to follow at least one cycle of sessions with Nathalie, to understand yourself better and to become more truly connected with yourself and with others."
Elke, Hong Kong


"Whole Magnetic Her has been nothing short of life changing for me in such a powerful way. The many elements of this program have helped me look deep within, to truly recognise and acknowledge ineffective patterns, hurt and behaviour that I have been (subconsciously) holding onto and continuously repeating in life and my relationships ~ including the most important relationship ~ the one with MYSELF. With Nathalie’s guidance and knowledge I have been able to overcome and heal those patterns and have emerged feeling free, whole, empowered and connected to my true feminine essence and operating from my heart space! Nathalie has such a gentle, nourishing, intuitive and unapologetically powerful way in which she coaches, that allowed me to feel incredibly safe in being honest, raw and vulnerable in my sharing within the group. There is something magical about women coming together, in a container like this, holding each other, supporting each other and showering love on each other. Through our intimate group calls, and sharing of life/experiences/triumphs/struggles we all continued to learn and grow from one another! Magical in itself! The embodiment practices, intergenerational and womb healing sessions and learning to connect with my true feminine essence, literally cracked parts of me wide open, in the most beautiful and transformative ways. Probably the biggest revelation for me was learning to set, own and honour my boundaries ~ I literally put this into practice immediately and it felt so liberating and empowering !! What an absolute GIFT you are to women and the world through the work you do and the knowledge, wisdom and insight you impart with those blessed to work with you, Nathalie. You are the embodiment of everything you teach and your genuine passion and desire to help people unlock and realise their true value and potential literally shines from you!Saying YES to MYSELF and WMH was the biggest blessing I could have bestowed upon myself! I can’t recommend beautiful Nathalie and this program highly enough!!Eternally grateful for you Nat xxx"
Lesley, Australia